Enables industry the ability to comply with global transparency laws

MediSpend® Features and Benefits:

  • All-in-one tracking and reporting tool
  • Designed for pharmaceutical and medical device companies of all sizes
  • Regularly updated to comply with new global transparency laws
  • Intuitive data entry system that can aggregate data from third-party applications
  • Accurately identifies and validates healthcare professionals and organizations to ensure error-free recipient listing and management
Secure communication channel between industry and healthcare professionals

MediSpend® Notification Center Features and Benefits:

  • Notifies healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations of reportable spend prior to Federal reporting
  • Provides an open communication channel for resolving spend instance discrepancies
  • Creates a system-wide audit trail for tracking and managing disputes
  • Maintains valuable relationships with healthcare professionals by minimizing frustration
  • Fully integrates with any aggregate spend solution
Private and secure network for licensed healthcare professionals

Physicians Professional Network® Features and Benefits:

  • Free online collaboration portal for healthcare professionals
  • Verify or dispute reportable spend
  • Discuss clinical cases in secure, private groups
  • Share documents and clinical insights with specialists
  • Find consulting and focus group opportunities
  • Join professional medical forums and clinical chats